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Dedicated to establishing the basic human right to aid in dying (death with dignity) -- here in Illinois!
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updated April 13, 2017

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"It's a beautiful law, a helpful law, a psychologically comforting law."  Watch this video of Californian Ray Perman in the Chicago Tribune:  "Faced with terminal illness, man chooses end-of-life option".  This powerful, moving and informative piece on the Chicago Tribune website on April 4 features Ray Perman, a 64 year old California suffering with advanced metastatic prostate cancer.  A longer article appeared in the Tribune print edition on April 12.

"As soon as my oncologist told me that there was nothing more that medicine could do for me, my very next words, because I was so interested in this, was to say that I would like to go with the End of Life Options Act," said Mr. Perman.  "I want everyone to know that it's a beautiful law, a helpful law, a psychologically comforting law, not just for you as a patient, but for all the people around you.  It's a monumental, favorable step towards quality of life.  And no one's pushing you down any pipeline, you can get off any time."

Gorsuch:  Catastrophe.   The clearly unfit Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.  Gorsuch is a deadly opponent of end of life liberty -- he even wrote a book about it -- and he is a true threat to our rights.  A lifetime appointment for this evil and irrational person to our highest court is a great tragedy.  Read all about it at the C&C website and in our February 2017 mailing.

Victory in DC -- Aid In Dying is now legal in our nation's capital !!!  The 30-day period during which the US Congress could overturn it is over, and on Monday, February 20, 2017, aid in dying became available to terminally ill residents of Washington, DC.  Read all about it on our blog.

The Illinois End of Life Options Coalition is a joint effort of Compassion & Choices, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, and Final Options Illinois, to pass an aid-in-dying law for Illinois.  Please visit the coalition's webpage, and "like" the Coalition's Facebook page!

Aid in dying becomes law in Colorado.  Our fervent gratitude to the voters of Colorado, who on November 8, 2016, passed Proposition 106, the Colorado End of Life Options Act, by a nearly two to one margin.

Aid in dying goes live in California:  on June 9, 2016, the wonderful new California aid-in-dying law, working exactly like the wildly successful Oregon, Washington and Vermont laws, went live.  To the far-sighted legislators of California, and to Governor Brown who signed the law, we say thank you, this is your proudest achievement. 

Aid in dying goes live all across Canada:  On June 17, 2016, the Canadian parliament passed a powerful new aid-in-dying law for the entire country.  This follows the Canadian Supreme Court's historic 2015 decision establishing aid-in-dying as a fundamental human right.  Read more on our blog.

We need an aid-in-dying law here in Illinois!  It's not just an abstract concept.  There are real people right here in Illinois, terminally ill and suffering, who need the CHOICE that an aid-in-dying law will provide.  And there are real people whose loved ones died in agony because Illinois doesn't have such a law.  Our YouTube channel has some of their stories.  

Final Options Illinois is part of the worldwide movement for aid in dying, also called death with dignity.  We're part of a broad movement that recognizes that there's way too much suffering at end of life, and there's much we can do to minimize that suffering -- for example, hospice and palliative care. 

But suffering at life's end is sometimes extreme, even with the best palliative care.  We believe that mentally competent, terminally-ill adults have a basic human right to choose to hasten their death.  And we need legal change to establish that right.  Suffering people must be able to obtain the means to a peaceful, dignified, humane and pain-free death.  And their doctors and loved ones must be able to assist them.  Nobody must ever be coerced or encouraged to hasten their death -- but the CHOICE to do so must become a basic human right. 

The movement to establish the legal right to control the manner of one's dying is truly worldwide, with work ongoing in many states and countries.  Here in Illinois, we have drafted an Oregon-style bill, the Illinois Patient Choices at End of Life Act.  Here's a one-page summary of our proposed law, a seven-page briefing paper, and the draft law's full text.

Our movement is making great strides around the U.S. and around the world.  If you support this cause -- if this is something you want for yourself and your loved ones -- then please join us.  It's the ultimate human right -- and ours is the human rights cause of the 21st century.